About Us
 Key Strengths    Retail Distribution
· In-house design complemented by brand and       AFB supplies all categories of the retail sector
  licensing expertise.    including Department Stores, Fashion, Home,
· Far East sourcing skills - long term relationships.    Discount retailers, Supermarket chains, Health and
· Quality Assurance - both in the UK and the Far East,    Beauty retailers and General retail groups.
  including specialised testing equipment.
· Stock and service commitment - AFB own a custom    Geographic Distribution
  built 100,000 square foot warehouse and distribution      Our primary market is the UK, but we also sell
  centre.    and distribute our products worldwide and are
· Specialist in a variety of product categories - fashion,    prominent in most of Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and
  home, sunglasses, reading glasses, seasonal products    the Middle East. We work closely with a number of
  and health and beauty.    multinational retailers and have the infrastructure to
· Financial stability and resources.    serve their needs.